Who owns the LSPD?

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Who owns the LSPD?

Post by _The Professional (Owner) on Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:09 pm

As mentioned in HERE the LSPD is a private organization, funded by Corporations within Little Seoul.
The largest current stock holder in the LSPD are the Cheng Triads, Tao Cheng, current owner of the Cheng Family Assets is currently the biggest investor, holding 40% of the total companies within the Cheng. Fu Heng being the second largest stockholder of the Cheng currently funds the LSPD privately with earnings in return for amenities within the LSPD.

Fu Heng was an ex police officer and agent for a long term, and has now joined the corporate industries within Little Seoul to further work on her career.

Joining the Cheng Family comes with extra perks within the LSPD for this reason, those members found within the Cheng are given priority over those who are not part of it. Likewise allies or "part of the same network" allies are also given certain benefits.
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