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The LSPD which stands for Los Santos Police Department currently follows a Corporation Style blueprint in regards to management.
This Corporation is basically ran by the stockholders (members of the crew).

In this Department There is 1 CEO [Chief Executive Officer] and 1 Owner.

The stockholders or the members are 998 in total, or 99.8% of the crew's current population, and are entitled to 33% of it's assets so long they remain active within the crew.

The LSPD has been privatized since Sep of 2013 due to Rockstar's inability to provide proper funding (Police DLC), Hence the department is no longer funded by the state, and it is rather funded by private corporations such as the Cheng Family, and other corporations found within "The Network".

Public funding is sometimes beneficial as it provides the department with enough assets to run accordingly without much supervision.

Who to contact in case of an alliance proposition?
Either the CEO or the Owner directly into Social Club, or by replying in the allies section of this forum/

Who to contact in case of a business proposition?
The owner first, he will run the matter with the CEO.
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