Supervisor Opportunities

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Supervisor Opportunities

Post by _The Professional (Owner) on Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:04 pm

If you believe to be a great leader, you will have the opportunity to become a supervisor.
Every 10 days a new poll will be open.

  • You must earn a minimum of 10 votes in order to become a supervisor.
  • You must sign up down below with your name and social club link.
  • You also need to provide your platform (XBL, PSN, PC)

Since you are required to have at least 10 votes you must let your friends in your specific platform you want to become a supervisor.
This requirement is so that we can be sure you will put an effort to become one, remember that supervisors must have leadership.

sign up in this format

  • Platform (PSN, XBL or PC)
  • Name
  • Social Club
  • Experience as a leader [optional: remember that you want to sell yourself for votes, so optional is actually recommended]

after the 10 days for sign ups, the votes will take place. at this point you must get 10 people to vote for you within a period of 72 hrs. After this the voting will be reseted.

Supervisors will be given moderation power within the forums, and will be promoted to LT. on the social club.
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